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Cosmetic Philtrumplasty

人中整形術(Cosmetic Philtrumplasty)

Philtrum: The area between nose and upper lip

Purpose of  Cosmetic Philtrumplasty :

1. Lengthening of  the philtrum height in order to achieve a better appearance.

2. Achieve fullness in patients with recessive upper lip

3. Increase naso-labial angle


Case 1: The influence of cosmetic philtrum plasty to the appearance of the young girl.


Case 1 : Lateral views


After philtrumplasty the girl appears more confident.

 Case 2: Correction of gummy smile in philtrumplasty

Lt. Before surgery     Rt. After surgery


Case 3, before and after


Cosmetic Philtrumplasty + Upper Lip Augmentation

Lt. Before operation  Rt. Cosmetic philtrum-plasty + upper lip augmentation


People  including many qualified plastic surgeons are very interested in cosmetic philtrum-plasty, as a matter of fact, according to the litereatures there are very few articles reported this operation so far.

Dr. Chang has started doing cosmetic philtrum-plasty in 1988 and collect plenty of experience in the past 20 years. The followings are FAQs regarding this operation:

Q. Is cosmetic philtrum-plasty a new surgery? I have asked many plastic surgeons and there seemed no one clearly understood this kind of surgery.

A. It is a new surgery to many of our plastic surgeons because it was first presented by Dr. Chang in 2004 at the Annual Meeting of Taiwan Aesthetic Surgery Association, very few doctors are familiar with this surgery so far.

Q. Is any implant inserted into the lip area in surgery?

A. Nothing has been implanted into the upper lip during surgery. The recessive area is to be augmented with the patient's own muscular tissue in upper lip. There should never be andy complications or consequences related to artificial implants.

Q. Will the surgery leave any scar?

A. There will be a tiny incision inside of the upper lip, no any visible scar left after surgery.

4.  人中整形手術,會不會傷及神經、肌肉?

答: 不會傷及神經,肌肉方面的手術,則正如同外傷之後,將肌肉縫合起來的狀況相同。本人進行這種手術近廾年來,從未發生過任何一例神經受損、手術後肌肉活動異常的案例。

5.  人中整形可能會有哪些併發症?


Cosmetic Philtrumplasty in patients with asymmetrical philtrum


1. 天生的兩側臉頰結構差異

2. 上下牙床咬合不正

3. 單側面神經發育不全

4. 習慣性不自主特殊表情,導致人中不對稱

5. 局部柔軟組織増生

6. 血管腫瘤

7. 鼻中膈歪曲或下巴不正


治療方式的選擇,必須依照不同的原因考量,所以須要親自看診了解.如果路途遙遠,可以先e mail 照片(正面ˋ側面ˋ半側面),最好有video 顯示表情的動態變化,以便評估.