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  • 82.9月 : 中华民国整形外科医学会民生报合办民众教育演讲 - 联合报大楼
    讲题 " 别让眼袋泄漏岁月的秘密 "
  • 83.3月 : 中国时报养生保健教育演讲 - 新光三越大楼
    讲题 "天衣无缝,有影无?"
  • 87.5 : 中华民国美容外科医学会与联合报合办民众教育演讲 - 联合报大楼
    讲题 " 皮肤肿瘤,与疤痕的战争"


  1. Heel Reconstruction - 中华民国空军医学会 1985.12
  2. Post-traumatic Sympathetic Dystrophy - 中华民国整形外科医学会 1986.11
  3. Nail Bed Reconstruction - 中华民国整形外科医学会 1987.9
  4. Adipofascial Flap Reconstruction of Defect of the Knees.中华民国整形外科医学会 1988. 10月.
  5. Mandibular Reconstruction with PM Muscle Flap 中华民国整形外科医学会 1988.11
  6. Duplication of the Mouth, A Case Report and Literature Review - 中华民国外科医学年会与中华民国整形外科医学会 1991.9
  7. Scar and Keloid Management - 中华民国整形外科医学会 1992.11
  8. Buddy Strapping - A Simple But Useful Procedure in Hand Trauma 中华民国外科医学年会与中华民国整形外科医学会 1994.3
  9. Transconjunctival Lower Lid Blepharoplasty - 中华民国整形外科医学年会 1993.11
  10. Double Z Rhomboid Flap 中华民国整形外科医学会 1994.10
  11. Report Back on APRSSA Congress and the XXXXV ISAPS Instructional Course of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Sun City, SA.中华民国整形外科医学会 1994.11月.
  12. Non-endoscopic Deep Plane Mid-face lift-中华民国整形外科医学年会,1997,12月.
  13. Microtia Reconstruction without Rib-Cartilage Grafts - 中华民国整形外科医学年会 2001.12
  14. Chemical Scar Revision with Diluted TCA Solution - 中华民国整形外科医学年会 2001.12
  15. Transconjunctival Lower Lid Blepharoplasty - A Ten Years Overview 中华民国美容外科医学年会 2001.12
  16. Transconjunctival Lower Lid Lipectomy and Pinch Technique - The best Way to Avoid Lower Lid Ectropion 中华民国美容外科医学年会 2001.12


  1. Fingertip and Nailbed Reconstruction-Biennial Hand Congress, South Africa, Pretoria, 1989.9 .
  2. Deep Dermal Suture in Prevention of Scar Hypertrophy-International Congress of Plastic Surgery, Cape Town, S.A. 1992,10
  3. Transconjunctival Lower Lid Blepharoplasty-International Meeting of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, Sun City, S.A. 1994,10.
  4. Scar Prevention and Management-Biennial Meeting of International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association, New York 1995,9.


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  4. 2nd Asian Pacific Cleft Lip and Plate Conference,1991,April.
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  6. International Meeting of Plastic Surgery and APRSSA Congress,Cape Town, S.A. 1992,Oct.
  7. International Meeting of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, Sun City, S.A. 1994,Oct.
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