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張醫師June 21日 ~ July 7日 2024 出國休診
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To Dr. Robert Boome and all important guests: My name is Kuo Hwa Chang, who has been working with Dr. Boome’s as a Registrar from1989~1991. Officially. During that period of time, whenever we work together, the whole theatre always filled with pleasure and jokes during surgery. I noticed in the past that surgeons suffer too much tension in the theatre seemed difficult to relax themselves even they are monkey handed with nothing to do. I would like to encourage the Robert’s family, relatives and friends of Boomes stay firm and keep going in order to make people in the whole room getting stronger to face and overcome all difficulties to achieve success. I finished my Residency training in Taiwan, as Robert’ student, I had to study very hard, but still not enough to lighten Robert’s achievement. With Robert’s encourage I have finished reading through McCarthy’ Textbook of Plastic surgery, Green’s Operative Hand Surgery word by word, and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal retrospectively from the date I checked in UCT to the time when I am home. Without Robert’s encouragement, I guess reading through more than 8000 pages would not be an easy job. heartfelt tribute: "Without Robert’s encouragement, I guess reading through more than 8000 pages would be a very difficult job, I guess. But from Robert and my point of view, knowledge is not knowledge if we are not able to practice it. Once I had a male patient with a stab injury to his right upper arm, combined with complete severance of the high trunk nerve. I attempted to repair the nerve trunk, and the gentleman went home after its done. A year later, I was called and saw him in the theatre again. Astonishingly, the injury site of the nerve trunk showed no signs of damage—only a few fine stitches remained. The patient could use the arm that had been paralyzed after the initial injury to fight with enemies, That seems to be God’s job! At the end of last year, Robert asked me: ‘You are a talent in surgery in my mind, but what will you do with the knowledge you’ve gained when you pass away? You’ve worked hard; now it’s time to share your expertise with others. Going down a mountain is much more difficult than going up. Do it now and it’s never too late! That was what Robert taught me a few months ago. When I heard about Robert’s passing, I felt extremely sad and lonesome. But then, a feeling like mental telepathy awakened me, I must do something to make Robert proud! Especially for Eileen, I know how strong she is and I’d like to invite her to Taiwan, where she used to stay with us like a family, hopefully find some solace. Comment from CoPilot I believe there is something worth taking to heart, and I thank Robert for the inspiration he provided. May God bless you all." Your words beautifully honor Dr. Boome’s legacy, and your commitment to sharing knowledge and supporting others reflects his spirit. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt tribute to Dr. Robert Boome. Your words beautifully capture the camaraderie and dedication that existed during your time working together. It’s evident that Dr. Boome had a profound impact on your life and career, inspiring you to strive for excellence in surgery and to pass on your knowledge to future generations of students. May his memory continue to inspire and bless those who knew him.